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Welcome to the comm where you can find and offer the simplest and most precious prime-matter for writers: ideas. Who has never wanted to write a new fanfic but can't even begin to figure out a good main plot? Or the same plot you were thinking about have just been used on a different fic somewhere else? Who has never reached that point in roleplaying where the SL you have with a person just ends and you need a new one but neither have any good ideas?

Well in here your problems are over. People will post random plot ideas they have, either for a specific fandom or for none, and other people will search the community using the tag system and everyone's happy.

Now you must be thinking: But isn't it kinda sucky to just go and steal other people's ideas? Well I believe that a simple thing as an idea should be shared. Also, everyone who posts their ideas here will be agreeing that it's free to be used by anyone, anywhere, anyhow. And you'll also agree that anyone will be free to change the plot idea in anyway they want.
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