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This community is a place where slash fans can get together and share pictures. Though it is titled with 'punk,' you are able to post any boys from real bands; genres including pop-punk, emo, screamo, rock, punk, etc.

Slash is simply two males together. In this community, it is unlimited with what to post. Kissing, touching, maybe more. Please keep that in mind, as I, nor any member, wants to offend you in any way.

1. PLEASE refrain from posting text-only posts unless they are really important.
2. If you post close anything that may be the least bit offensive (ie: serious contact, deep kissing, some nudity) please keep it under an lj-cut tag and warn us somehow.
3. You are able to advertise your communities, as long as it pertains to music or slash.
4. If you post mulitple pictures (Let's say... more than 2), use the lj-cut tag!
5. Be friendly! We all share a lovely interest, so let's no bicker about anything. If you are to start something up, you will be warned. If you continue your nonsense, you will be banned.
6. I'm pretty leniant with everything, so you should be okay. Have fun and happy posting! :)

AIM: shes the blade
E-Mail: shestheblade@hotmail.com
Journal: expanse

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